The Psychologist’s Case [Finale of the Three Lessons in Psychology Series]

Dear Readers,

I am the author’s therapist, Dr. A. I offer my sincerest apologies that the original author will not be able to share anymore case studies with you. We will refer to this author as the “Psychologist”. The reason for this turn of events is because he has been relocated to a prison facility and awaits trial on various criminal charges including assisting suicide and unauthorized practice of medicine.

I apologize for exposing you to his delusions and stories but we needed to have them accessible to the public. Any evidence obtained through one on one session would have been confidential and inadmissible in court without his permission to disclose. By having the Psychologist volunteer the information and posting it online, we are not stepping over any ethical boundaries.

The Psychologist was correct to suspect our requests for his cases studies. There was no educational value or expertise in them, there was only madness and delusion. The information about diagnosis and treatment are unethical, wrong, and dangerous. Please do not attempt to use this for self treatment. Please see a mental health counselor for real assistance.

The Psychologist’s last story about Lana was the most damaging piece of evidence we have collected but I will address this last. The problem with the other two cases (Henry and Moreno) was that the Psychologist, aside from illegally practicing medicine, did not have a direct criminal connection to the results of the crimes.

The Psychologist will never be charged with Henry’s murders of the policemen or the collateral death of Henry. I believe the Psychologist should be charged with being an accessory to murder but proving him an accessory in court would be difficult as a defense lawyer will counter that the Psychologist only suggested watching a movie. With the help of the other cases, the prosecution stands a better chance.

The Moreno Case, unfortunately, cannot be attributed to the Psychologist either. He will be charged with illegal practice, but that’s the extent of his involvement. The boy committed his crimes without any influence from the Psychologist. It’s chilling to know that the Psychologist could have made matters worse.

I regret to say that after recovering her memories of the accident, Lana was found dead in her parent’s home. It was ruled a suicide and I can only assume it had to do with the guilt of killing a mother and her two children. We were told that she had been devastated since she recovered her memory. I pray that her soul has finally found peace.

Despite Lana’s suicide, this was the most important case written by the Psychologist. This is the one instance that he claims responsibility for his actions. He blames himself for encouraging Lana to commit suicide. He further blames himself for the death of the woman and two children. This is where he demonstrates that he is competent. He admits to wrongdoing and lied to the police about the phone call before the accident. Further indicating, he might not have been as delusional as we had originally guessed.

All of these cases were collected and turned over to the prosecutor’s office. These “case studies” will be used in various criminal and civil cases that have been filed against the Psychologist. With any hope, the friends and families of all those who have been wronged will receive comfort in knowing that the Psychologist will receive punishment for his crimes against his fellow man.

As a mental health professional, I can testify that cases like the Psychologist’s are rare. In many cases, those seeking professional help are normal people seeking assistance for the troubles in their lives. There’s no shame in asking for help.

I find it appropriate to include the following links:

National Suicide Prevention Line

Veterans Crisis Line

You Matter


Dr. A

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