The newly elected leader of South America stood before the world and spoke into the hearts and minds of humanity. She promised an age of peace on Earth, prosperity for mankind, and uniting the world under her sigil, a solid green flower on a blue background.

The speech was interrupted when the woman went silent and a hole appeared in the middle of her forehead. She collapsed to the floor leaving a spray of blood and brain matter on the sigil that would have united the world.

Thousands of miles away, the Financier of the assassination smiled at the chaos on the screen. He lifted his glass of homemade wine, toasting to her death.

She may have lived if she hadn’t made the fatal mistake of disrupting the monopoly on religion the Christians, Jews, and Muslims shared. She had claimed to be Gaia, the human embodiment of the Earth.

There were rumors of her having healing abilities. They said she had cured the blind, the immobile, and terminally ill. Some said she had even terraformed inhospitable desserts into fertile forests. It didn’t matter. When someone declares themselves a God, it only instigates others to prove them wrong.

The Financier adjusted his clerical collar and crossed himself knowing he had sinned. He took solace knowing he would be forgiven by the Pope. He went to the balcony overlooking the wine vineyard and lost all strength in his body, dropping to his knees, and shattering the wine glass. The vineyard was brown, withered, and dead. His television blared in the background with breaking news of worldwide natural disasters.

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