I Haven’t Been Home Since This Happened

Brandon hated school. He’d been having trouble with the material and it didn’t help that he was being picked on in class. It’s no surprise when the school called to report that he had been marked absent. I told them I forgot to call and that he was sick. I love my son and if he decided to cut class, it must have been for a good reason. I left work early and went home.

When I arrived, Brandon wasn’t in his room. I called out to him and there was no answer. My first thought was that he was kidnapped on his way to school but that quickly subsided as I realized his friends could drive now. They’ve probably gone somewhere to hang out for the day. As I pulled out my cell phone to call him, there was a noise from above me in the attic.

I went into the hallway and told him to come down. He didn’t respond.

“I’m not mad, I only want to talk”, I said to the attic door. I reached out and grabbed the chord to pulling the attic ladder down. That’s when I heard the sobbing coming from above me.

“Mommy?” Brandon cried.

“I only want to talk to you. Come down”, I replied. He continued to sob loudly but didn’t seem to be moving.

“Help me, mommy, I’m hurt”, Brandon said in a weak voice. As I approached the ladder, I heard the door open downstairs.

“Mom, are you home?” Brandon’s voice shouted from downstairs.

That’s when the attic stairs slammed shut.

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