My Father’s Letter About the Family Jewel


I had to write this to you in advance of my death so you can understand what is coming in the future. First, I have a confession about our family. Clarissa is not your biological mother. Your real mother, Millie, died months after your birth. The doctors never figured out what killed her. She was perfectly healthy then suddenly she withered away and died. A year later, Clarissa came along and we married soon after.

I’m sorry about deceiving you but it needed to be done until the truth could be revealed with my impending death. This wasn’t the first mysterious event in our family. Your grandmother, Patricia, wasn’t your biological grandmother either. Your biological grandmother, my real mother, Beth, passed away from the same mysterious death as Millie right after my birth. Your grandfather married Patricia a year later. I know you don’t remember how your grandpa died, but it’s the same way I am going now.

Like my father before me and his father before him, I have bestowed upon you our family jewel. Within the year, Kate will wither away from an unknown illness, and you will be left to raise David until the “other woman” comes along in a year. She will perfect in beauty, personality, and sexuality. She will stay at your side until David has a son of his own. You will then begin to wither away and die like I am right now. Upon your own death, you will be forced to pass the family jewel to David. Do not break the cycle. Your future wife will tell you why.

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