Thank God for the Suffering

I stood before God and the angels of Heaven to await His answer. They whisper in voices of golden silk and glory. God does not speak, His voice of the beyond the fabric of existence. Heaven wasn’t the blessed, beautiful place that was promised. God and his angels were the wardens of an eternal prison of pleasure. Desires were immediately made reality and gratification was only a thought away. Heaven was a bitter sweet nightmare.

There was nothing but madness in the perfect existence. The souls of human beings were not built for Heaven. Without the struggle of life, without a purpose for existence, without need or desire, a soul is left with nothing. I stood before God and the angels awaiting their answer. I begged to be erased from existence and my request was denied. The Almighty wasn’t so “almighty”. God followed the same rules of the universe. Matter cannot be destroyed or created, not even God could change that, or he would have erased himself a long time ago.

I asked God for an alternative to Heaven. I asked to experience Hell so that I may appreciate the glory of Heaven. The angels said Hell did not exist and for a moment I considered leaving the presence of my wardens in pleasure. The angels then offered their alternative. A “Hell” in its own right and I was reborn. As I cried coming out of my mother’s womb, my last thought before forgetting Heaven, God, and the angels was an appreciation for a new life. I thanked God for allowing me to suffer again.

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