Dream Vacation

This was written from a challenge/prompt from the /r/shortscarystoriesooc subreddit. This is a small little side story from a larger novella I plan to write that’s already in the works. This is pretty much the gist of what you’ll be getting. Enjoy!


Taking my family to Disneyland was the vacation I had fantasized about all of my life. I looked forward to seeing their faces brighten as they saw Cinderella’s Castle for the first time. I wanted to take pictures of them with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, the staples of my childhood. Who knew the day would have turned out the way it did?

The first screams of terror stopped everyone in their tracks. They weren’t excitement screams. These were the screams you instinctively recognize as terror. Parents grabbed their children and immediately ran towards the park entrance. My wife and I did the same. But we were already too late.

Men, women, and children sprinted past us with panic in their eyes and blood on their faces and clothing. I could have sworn I saw a woman with her eye ball hanging out of her socket sprint past me. I shouted for my wife to run faster when I felt pain explode in the back of my head. I collapsed to the ground, rolling over, and scraping my hands and knees on the pavement. Adrenaline kept me from passing out but I felt dizzy and off balance.

A sudden weight came down on my chest and a man in a blood stained Donald Duck outfit straddled my body while holding a bloody hammer with chunks of flesh still clinging to it. My wife almost stopped to try to help me but I screamed for her to keep running. I snuck one last glimpse of my children before the hammer came down on my head over and over again.

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