Mall Madness

“Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret, I need some new underwear”, Jesse said as we went up to the 3rd floor.

“As long as I get to see you try them on”, I responded attempting to sound like a sexual deviant. Jesse laughed and slapped my arm.

“You don’t “try on” underwear. That would be really disgusting if people did!” Jesse answered. We reached Victoria’s Secret and the store was packed. Being agoraphobic, I changed my mind about going in.

“I’m gonna wait out here by the railing or maybe hit up Gamestop”, I told Jesse.

“Aww, I was going to let you pick out something you liked on me”, Jesse said pleadingly.

“I’m sure whatever you pick will probably look better on the bedroom floor”, I said flirtatiously. Jesse slapped my arm again and went inside the store. I stood by the railing, pulled out my phone, and checked over some emails.

Then I felt someone touch my back and I thought Jesse had already come back.

“Wow, that qui-“, I managed to say before I flipped over the railing. My last memory of that day was watching the floor coming at me very fast and then hearing a snap before everything went dark.

I awoke in the hospital a few days later surrounded by Jesse and my family. I’d broken a few bones and knocked out some teeth but I was expected to make a full recovery. However, everyone kept nagging me with the same question.

Why did you jump?

I told them someone pushed me but the surveillance tape showed that no on was around when I went over the railing.

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    Great story. Loved it.

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