Our First and Last Stand [Independence Day Fan Fiction]

Note: Fan Fiction isn’t something I ever write so don’t think I’m suddenly going to start posting these now. This was a fun little writing exercise I did for a new subreddit called /r/ShortFanFics. I don’t enjoy using other people’s characters, universes, or other intellectual property but if Hollywood would like an amazingly written sequel to Independence Day, I would totally sign up and deliver one of the best sci-fi/action movies ever. Just saying in case any Hollywood film studios are scouring the internet for people to write for them.


“We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!”

The cheers and applause were deafening to President Whitmore’s ears as Area 51’s last defenses prepared for the offensive against the City Destroyer heading to the base. Their secret was out and it was only a matter of time before the ship that had claimed Los Angeles would be hovering over them.

Whitmore began to put on his flight gear since the shortage of pilots and the situation at hand called for him to serve his country. He needed to be a true commander-in-chief. He needed to lead from the battlefield. Today, he was a warrior.

“Excuse me, sir, before you head out, we need to talk in private.” General Grey said.

“Sure, but it needs to be quick. We’ve only got a few minutes before the shield goes down”, Whitmore said.

“That’s what we need to talk about, sir. There’s something you should know before we do this.” General Grey said hesitantly.

“Out with it”, Whitmore replied.

“Permission to speak freely, sir”, General Grey requested.

“Permission granted. Go”, Whitmore answered.

“This plan is complete and utter crap, sir. It’s doomed to fail from the start. Please stay back so the country can at least have its leader”, General Grey said.

“But you heard David’s plan. You even agreed to help with it. Everything is set up and we’re ready to head out. And now is when you express doubts?” Whitmore replied angrily.

“Sir, you heard when Nimzicki voiced his concerns. The man didn’t reach his position being an idiot. Orchestrating a worldwide counter attack with only a few minutes of vulnerability is virtually impossible. That is if Hiller and Levinson even reach the Mothership and upload the virus. What if the aliens have some sort of anti-virus that stops us dead in our tracks?” General Grey explained.

Whitmore looked doubtful. General Grey continued.

“And let’s say that everything goes according to plan. The Mothership is nuked. The virus is uploaded and they’re vulnerable. Good. Great.

Now, we are going to send our jets to take down the City Destroyers. We still have to contend with their aircraft’s defensive forces with capabilities beyond our own and then somehow knock the Destroyer out of the sky before it uses the primary weapon. Can you see where I am going with this?” Grey asked Whitmore pointedly.

“What else can we do though? We cannot sit by idol and await our destruction”, Whitmore said.

“Sir, the imminent threat to our safety is my immediate concern. This is why we orchestrated this world wide coordinated attack that isn’t going to win this war. Some of the countries we coordinated with didn’t have anywhere near the amount of planes or pilots we had before this all went down. The aliens have attacked our major cities and struck down our military installations world wide. Even we’re using civilian volunteers in this upcoming battle. The Earth doesn’t have the manpower or planes to do this.”

“The truth of the matter is that even if everything goes to plan, and we somehow knock some of the Destroyers, more than half of them are still going to remind untouched. That’s a guarantee to happen. We are going to lose more pilots and planes in the battle and we’re going to end with no offensives or defensive capabilities or the personnel to utilize it. The aliens will figure out how to bring their shields back online within those few minutes as David mentioned and we’re back to nothing again”, General Grey continued.

Whitmore took a seat on the ground as the world spun around him.

“So the human race is fucked, huh?” Whitmore asked Grey from the ground.

General Grey did not answer right away. Instead, he sat down next to President Whitmore and sighed.

“I can’t say that I know what lies ahead in the future. Who knows what will happen down the line. For the moment, we need to defend this base for the sake of the civilian refugees here and for what remains of our country’s leadership. This whole plan is being carried because it gives us the ability to defend ourselves against them once. Don’t forget that the Destroyers from New York and Washington are still out there too and there’s no one to attack them at the moment. After this battle, we need to relocate because they’ll be gunning for us next. Mr. President, I strongly implore that you stay back and let our Air Forces handle this”, General Grey said.

Whitmore put his head down attempting to hide the tears coming to his face. This was the fourth time this week he’d felt completely powerless to do anything despite being the leader of the most powerful country on Earth.

The first time was on Air Force One, when the Destroyers obliterated the three most important cities in the United States. The second time was the counter attack the next day. The Air Force was wiped out by the alien fighter planes and they didn’t even put a dent in their ships. The third time was the nuking of Houston. Even a nuclear device was useless against the alien menace. And the fourth time was watching his wife die from her injuries while he and his daughter watched. He didn’t even count the psychic attack from the autopsy alien. There was no getting used to feeling being powerless.

“Sorry, General, but I’m still flying this mission. If I can hurt these sons of bitches in some way, I’m going to be a part of it. Even killing just one of them would be enough for me”, Whitmore said angrily standing from the floor and wiping the tears from his face. General Grey shook his head in disappointment but he could understand his anger. Whitmore disappeared down the hallway and went to battle for humanity.

That day we won the battle but in the end, we didn’t win the war.

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