The Cold Snap

Keep calm, don’t get angry. Just let it go. Let it go.

I repeated that to myself attempting to maintain my composure. I’d avoided a high speed collision with a BMW that had been going over 100 mph on the highway. The asshole never even bothered to slow down or change lanes, if I hadn’t seen him out of the corner of my eye in the mirror, we would have crashed into each other and I’d have probably gone into the wall at 70 mph.

It’s okay. Just turn up the radio. Laugh at the morning show people.

They were talking about the latest young adult novel turned into a big screen cash cow that pretty much sounded like a “Hunger Games” rip off I counted to ten and took deep breaths but my anger stewed. I changed the radio station and focused my attention on the road. Traffic began to slow down with congestion.

If I catch up to him, I’ll give him the finger. That’ll show him

And like a dream come true, traffic had slowed to allow me to catch up to the BMW. The driver had his cell phone in his hand and was looking down.

Of course, he’s fucking texting

An overwhelming sense of disgust arose in my throat and the anger that I’d pushed away came back with unbridled fury. I slammed my hand down on my horn and moved my car closer to his vehicle. And just as I expected, the BMW driver caught by surprise, turned the wheel into my lane, and hit my car on the left side.

We pulled over to the break down lane and the BMW driver stepped out of his vehicle with his cell phone in his hand.

Gets into an accident and still attached to the damned phone

“What the fuck is your problem, asshole?” the BMW driver shouted, going behind the right side of his car, kneeling down, and disappearing behind his vehicle.

Just call the police. Let them handle this

I didn’t answer him. I pretended to survey the damage to my car but then as if I was outside of the control of my body, I found myself creeping up to where the BMW driver was.

Don’t do this

Without a word, I tapped the man on the shoulder. When he turned towards me, I uppercut punched him underneath the chin. The driver’s eyes glazed over and went into the back of his head. His body crashed to the ground with a thud and the cell phone slipped out of his hand. My body went cold as I thought he had called the police. I picked up the phone and looked at the screen which hadn’t shown a phone call had been made.

Stop before you do something you’ll regret

With the driver hidden from the vision of the drivers on the highway, I took the cell phone and shoved it into the BMW driver’s mouth. I lifted my leg and stomped on his head. I stomped. I stomped. And I stomped some more. I stomped beyond the cracking sound I’d heard over the speeding cars. I stomped even though the phone was shattered to pieces and the bits had lodged down his throat. I stomped until the BMW driver’s face resembled ground beef.

I returned to reality realizing what I had done. Staying behind the cars, hidden from the highway drivers, and I got in through the passenger’s side of my car. I turned over the engine and pulled back onto the road. I headed home for a change of clothing.

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