Always Use Protection

Matt thrust into his recently acquainted sexual partner from the bar down the shore, trying to convince himself that it was the ocean that reeked of fish. As he finished, he realized that in the heat of their drunken passion, he’d forgotten to use protection. Matt tried to pull out but his new friend, caught up in her ecstasy, wouldn’t allow him.

The panic of his mistake was replaced by another fear as his sexual partner pushed him off and ran straight into the water. Matt attempted to chase her down but tripped over the pants around his ankles. She swam out further and further into the ocean before disappearing under the waves. Matt tried to swim after her but ultimately gave up and sought help from the authorities. She was never found.

A month later, Matt stood over the toilet with tears in his eyes, howling in pain. He thought he was passing a kidney stone until he looked into the toilet and saw hundreds of little eyes staring back at him from inside their larvae.

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