The 4th Time is a Charm

Sitting in a booth at a diner, I overheard a conversation coming from the table behind me.

“You really want to do it again?” a man asked his companion.

“I have no choice. No one listened. I gave them instructions and it turned out like this”, another man replied.

“4th time is a charm. They’re not as bad as the other three times, right?”

“There was a single family worth saving from the Deluge. Everyone else went down the drain. Rapists, murderers, thieves, the whole lot of them. There’s no one worth saving now. They’re the worst!”

“I remember someone saying: “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. What happened to that guy?”

“I thought they would change after the sacrifice of the Lamb. I tell them to feed the hungry; billions starve. I say be charitable; 1% of the population holds 99% of the wealth. I say love each other, be peaceful; millions die from war. I was young and naïve when I said that. Free will was a stupid choice.”

“How are you going to do it this time?”

“Already used fire, water, and earthquakes, what else is there?”

“Let them choose the way they die, as they choose the way they lived.”

“Not a bad idea, my friend.”

One of the men stood from the table and came to mine. He placed a golden trumpet in front of me.

“You overhead us, you know the stakes. Choose your end. Blow the trumpet to commence your destruction”.

Both men disappeared. I left the diner too.

I don’t want to decide the Apocalypse alone.

Any suggestions?

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