The Perfect Little Boy

We’d flown all the way across the world for the perfect little boy that we needed in our lives. The process hadn’t taken as long as we thought it would have. With access to files and the cooperation of the nuns, we picked out the perfect little boy, Andre. Andre was the average height, average weight, and in great health. The nuns took great care of him until the paperwork was finished.

Andre was shy but quickly warmed up to us. We gave in to his every want and desire. Our perfect little boy deserved everything in the world. He asked for toys, junk food, and unlimited hours of television. We gave it to him with a smile on our faces. On the last day, Andre had asked for soda. He didn’t notice that I added a special ingredient to the mix and within minutes Andre was asleep.

We carried him to the car and drove to the orphanage again. After we paid the priest, the doctors escorted us into the basement where both our little boys were asleep together. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my life. Charlie looked at peace for the first time since they had diagnosed him with the bad heart. He’d been worried about dying since being placed at the bottom of an organ donor list. We couldn’t blame him really since it was a death sentence with the shortage of donors.

We asked the doctors for a moment before the operation began to say good bye to our perfect little boy, the one that matched Charlie. The perfect little boy that would save our real son.

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