Aiden’s Special Power

Aiden was ten years old when he discovered his power.

He’d fallen asleep in his own bed but somehow awakened in his parent’s bed instead. Confused, Aiden turned over to get out of bed and was hit with the realization that something was wrong. His hair had grown down to his shoulders. As he moved, he felt a weight shift in his chest. And the spot between his legs was empty.

Aiden screamed in a voice that didn’t belong to him.

That night, the Barker family learned that their lives would be abnormal until Aiden learned to control his ability.

As with everything, practice makes perfect and Aiden learned the limitations of his power. With only a touch, he could transfer his consciousness to another person at any time for a few hours before he would be pulled back to his body. His parents warned him not to abuse his power, but like all children, Aiden didn’t listen to anyone.

Over the years, Aiden turned into someone of questionable morality. For example, Aiden’s favorite pastime activity was his adventures transferring into the bodies of his female classmates. Fill in your own blanks here, if you’d like.

Aiden became the vice president of a multinational corporation later in life after transferring into the company CEO. While giving his self another raise, the subject line of an incoming email took his interest.

The emailer was sending their condolences for Aiden Barker, who died in the night from a carbon monoxide leak in his house. Aiden gasped with a mouth that didn’t belong to him and wept when he felt himself being pulled back to his own body…

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