140 Coffee Break

Boy am I glad to see this page. I’ve been hitting the Word Processor hard with a sci-fi story I’ve wrote once and felt it wasn’t ready yet. Started a re-write and here I am sitting at 14 pages of a dramatic, romantic sci-fi story that still not finished yet. Fleshing out a story is almost harder than coming up with the idea and executing it. I still have to edit and polish once more before I turn it into the editor and can forget about it.

But that’s not the end of the battle because the war always continues. I have another story that I need to look over, rewrite, and revise that I am going to donate for a charity anthology. It’s an older story I wrote but it fit very well with the theme and I hoped to change it up enough so that it won’t be the same tale again. I’ve evolved as a write since two years ago and a new look never hurt  anyone.

And after that, I have to write a Halloween themed story because tis the season for Halloween Horror and I would be unhappy if I didn’t contribute at least one tales around the Halloween theme.

Finally, there is a 100 word horror story contest I would like to enter and I still haven’t given a thought to this yet. Everything is due soon and I’m sitting here typing it all out while I should be writing but hey, I need a coffee break at some point. I know a lot of this pressure I’m putting onto myself isn’t even really necessary. It’s all an a sad attempt to feel like a real author does with deadlines and having to get the work done. A lot of good practice will prepare me for the real game.

I put up a new page with publications because I will be filling it up soon. It seems professional and it also makes it easier for readers to discover stories that I haven’t posted online.

Well, my coffee break is over and I’m ready to get going again. There’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done in life.

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