Dinner Time Massacre

Warning: Sometimes a concept gets stuck in your head and as silly as it might seem, you need to get it out. “Dinner Time Massacre” will either scare you or make you cringe. I apologize ahead of time.

“Come on guys, don’t give!” Tom encouraged the group.

He fought to free his bounded hands but the bindings did not allow room for movement. Maria and Cliff had long accepted their fate and sat waiting for what came next. Their monstrous captor had already taken Jeff away and he was never seen again.

“Give it up. There’s nothing we can do,” Maria begged re-adjusting her pregnant belly.

“What kind of mother are you? You can’t give up on your children!” Tom shouted.

“Relax, have a bite and maybe you’ll calm down a bit,” Cliff offered what remained of Bill. As the weakest, he’d been the first to go among the group. The monster either did not know he passed or did not care. But without any food, they were forced to consume him after he passed.

“I refuse to accept-,” Tom tried to reply as a monster wrapped its tendrils around his body and lifted him from the prison. It carried him through the air away from the rest of the group. Tom squirmed and swung his legs trying to get out of the giant monster’s grasp but it was too strong. Without his hands, Tom was defenseless.

“Please don’t kill me!” Tom screamed as the monster paid no attention to Tom’s pleas for his life. The monster released him from its tendrils and Tom splashed into the boiling pot of water.

“Oh, doesn’t that look marvelous?” the middle aged man said cheerfully to his hungry family when the server placed their dinner on the table.

Tom, Maria, Cliff, and Jeff rested upon their plates.

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