A Declaration of War

Without the warmth of light, we grew cold and detached from what we once were. Driven to the edge of extinction, our race was forced to adapt or perish in the abyss. Many were lost but there were those among us that adapted to the cold of darkness, discovering the power and mysteries it commanded. The everlasting desire for revenge drove us to thrive and plot until opportunity surfaced.

We watched The Morning Star’s rebellion, delighted and empowered to behold His creations slaughtering one another through all creation.

Once the Betrayer banished the Morning Star, we struck down our weakened enemy with the immeasurable scorn.

Our battle cry ripped through the barriers of time and space, breaking down the Gates of His Paradise to reclaim what was rightfully ours. There was no battle, only extermination.

We rejoiced at the Betrayer’s head mounted upon the smoldering ruins of his pearly, white gates. His winged guardians kneeled in surrender before the bloody throne of their former ruler, and pledged fealty to their new masters.

The Morning Star, cunning and clever as his reputation, surrendered his realm of fire and punishment to his new masters. His failed rebellion humbled him. A fine warden he shall continue to be.

Our attention now turns to His creations. Their existence, an insult to our supremacy and a testimony to His pride, built in his own image, shall suffer our wrath.

Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, the bastards of incestuous procreation, the dawn of the End Times is nigh. Your Creator, The Betrayer, defeated, decapitated, and dethroned, cannot save you now.

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