Fleeting Thoughts, No Inhibitions

Rhonda stood in line behind the screaming boy and his father at the deli. The child’s temper tantrum made her cringe with annoyance. The split second thought crossed her mind. She made it reality with a blink of an eye. She ran her fingers through the boy’s curly brown locks of hair, gripped the back of his head, and slammed his face into the counter. The boy wailed through a mouth of shattered teeth and a bloody, broken nose. Rhonda shrieked too as everyone else at the deli made their split second thoughts into reality too…

How far would he fly if I hit’em?, Benny thought.
With the ease of turning the wheel slightly to the left, the car drifted into the other side of the road where the teen had been skate boarding.
Fear. Panic. Pain. Anticipation. Wham. Benny saw them all with only a microsecond of eye contact. Good samaritans jumped from their cars without a second thought, charging through the middle of traffic in hopes of assisting the teenager. Several more *whams* were heard and more bodies sailed through the air, landing in tangled heaps of blood and broken bones.
Benny saw the chaos he had caused and wanted nothing more than to die. He pulled a pen from the glove box and began to stab…

As the rollercoaster reached the top of its climb, Jillian wondered what would happen if the harness unlocked while the coaster dropped. Unfortunately, the attendant was thinking the same thing…

*I can’t stand the crying! I just want to strangle him!*, Angela cried as it went silent.

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