About Human_Gravy

Rafael Marmol hails from a dark crevice on the Jersey Shore and is author to over 130 stories found across Reddit’s NoSleep, ShortScaryStories, and DarkTales forums under his handle, /u/Human_Gravy. Several of his stories have been adapted into audio dramas by The NoSleep Podcast and narrated by popular YouTube personalities. Rafael loves to craft stories about the strange, macabre, and uncanny; his inspirations come from the masters of horror like Stephen King, Brian Keen, and Clive Barker. When he’s not writing, he’s narrating stories for his YouTube channel or a podcast. When he’s not being creative, he enjoys watching television shows, sampling craft beer, listening to podcasts and audio books, or walking his dog.

Rafael obtained his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University in 2013. He works as an operations manager for the warehouse of a multi-nation corporation.

You can contact him at Raff2319@gmail.com or visit his Facebook Page  or Follow Him on Twitter 


One Response to About Human_Gravy

  1. jlrach says:

    Gravy! Thanks for the follow!


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